Black Sabbath Studio

Photos are coming soon. :)


Drum Kit:

Mapex Armory drum kit – 6-piece kit with a hi-hat stand, three cymbal stands, stool, and bass drum pedal.
Istanbul Agop XiST Hi-hat, Paiste PST 3 Crash 16" and Sabian B8 20" Ride

Guitar setups:

Marshall JVM 210H 100W valve amp head
with Marshall 1960A speaker cab (4x12’’)

Blackstar HT Stage 100 valve head
with Blackstar HTV 212 Mk II speaker cab


Hartke HA3500 bass amp head
with Hartke 410XL speaker cab (4×10”)


2 JBL EON 615 active PA speakers on stands
Behringer XENYX X2442USB mixer
3 Shure SM58s with XLR leads and stands


Guitar stands
Keyboard stand
18″ floor fan for drummers
2 music stands
comfy sofa so you can bring your friends or have a rest
2 comfy chairs and bin