Tazma has a new logo!


Designed by the very talented Adrian Stone, an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer, and a fantastic person from Exeter. We first met in June 2021, and shortly after, he sent me several great concepts from which I chose the winner. I immediately liked this logo, but the timing was never right for a rebrand. Now, here it is, and I hope you all like it too.

I've created a short reel to showcase a few other designs, including the previous logo which you're familiar with, featuring symbols of a camera, pencil, guitar, and a painter's palette. Back in 2017, I had the idea of opening four studios in Tazma: photography, design, music, and art. Well, ideas turned into reality! The video begins with the very first Tazma logo I created 22 years ago!

For the 4K version, please check our YouTube channel. It's an excellent time to subscribe to our channel as well. Some fantastic live music is on the way!

Blind Tendril New Album


Covers or originals, it doesn't matter. We enjoy playing music with others. It just feels good to meet in the studio and make some noise.

But some musicians want more! They want to release an album, for example! To do this, you need persistence, time and a lot of rehearsal. We are super happy to see when a band succeeds, despite many struggles and a few lineup changes. Here is the thrilled Blind Tendril band with Tom holding their first album, beautifully released on vinyl!

Guys started rehearsing in Tazma in 2018 and have been regularly practising since then, apart from the lockdown times. Please check them out on Bandcamp!

Marry Christmas


Yes, this is the same hat since 2018! But the studio is new!

First, I want to thank all who visited Tazma Studios this year! It was a good year, and you were rehearsing hard. I hope you keep remembering why you play music and still love it. I wish you a relaxing time with families and friends this Christmas and a creative New Year with many gigs and new fans. Stay healthy and positive, lots of love!

Tom Adamski

Haytor New Music Video


Two weeks ago amazing Haytor band was working on a music video in our Black Sabbath studio for their new single "Don’t Wanna Make It Out Alive". It comes to life on all platforms on Friday, 25th of November. Behind the camera was a very creative Tommy from Rowe Films.

The official single launch party is planned for the 9th of December at Rough Trade Bristol. It's FREE ENTRY, and the best part is that SENECA and Cherry Sega will play there too!

Why the name TAZMA?


Weird post? Maybe not. Exactly 21 years ago, I registered the domain tazma(dot)com.

Many of you asked me what that name means. Nothing? At the time, a short name was important, so five letters, done. The first two letters are from my first name and surname. The rest is random. Well, my girlfriend's name at the time was MAgda and the letter "Z" in Polish means "with". But it's a long stretch!

Anyway. I registered this domain to help my good friend Peter to sell his paintings online. Later this was many things, including canvas printing, that failed. (Check it yourself at Wayback Machine)

Finally, on the 1st of April 2017, the name TAZMA found its important destination. Now at least a few people know this name, and I hope it's a positive memory.

Thank you to everyone who shared this name, tagged it online, and used hashtags on social media. This helped a lot to keep the studios running.

New Black Sabbath Studio opening gig!


It was fantastic! The official new Black Sabbath studio opening event was more than we expected! First, we want to thank you, Lazy Snacks, Die Twice and Machineries Of Joy ! It was a last-minute thing, but you all smashed it! Thank you to everyone who made it that evening.

The new studio is busy, and the reviews are great. Thank you, guys! You should already know that we won't stop making Tazma a better place for musicians!

Thank you, Joanna D, for the great photos, and Ashley Gannicott, for the fantastic sound!